5 class-worthy beach outfits for your inner mermaid

One of the perks of going to school in South Florida is having the beach less than 15 minutes away from campus. Pre-8 a.m. sunrise stops and mid-day beach breaks are a part of student life, and our style has to keep up with it.

But transitioning from sunshine-approved two pieces to arctic temperature classrooms on a time crunch is sometimes harder than the mystery topics on a test that the professor swears he covered. So, here’s some inspiration for the beach babe in you that’s just tryna get that degree:

SoFlo Sweater Weather

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

You’re not one to wear little sundress and wedges to class – ain’t nobody got time for that! An oversized sweater paired with a simple pair of denim cutoffs is enough for you to feel put together and cute while staying comfortable. The thick sweater is also ideal for staying warmer in what are typically freezing college classrooms. (They seem even colder after you’ve caught a little sun!)

Go for a cable knit sweater to cover your top and a loose-fitting pair of shorts that won’t show your sandy booty for comfort and convenience.

The Ultimate One-Piece

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

So, you’ve only got an hour-long break. You want to rush to the beach, rip off your clothes and just get a little sandy. (Your mental health requires it in between mind numbing gen eds or upper-division courses). Overalls are by far the easiest things to slip on – rompers too! You don’t have to worry about tucking anything in the right way, and they take two seconds to make you look like you spent time on your outfit.

A long crop top-style bikini top underneath will make this look a little edgy. If you want to be a little warmer, bring your oversized sweater along.

Cool Girl Classic

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

F*ck it. Don’t even think about what you’re wearing, and just grab your boyfriend jeans and old Converse that have been through hell and back. No matter what your top looks like, these classics pieces will match. And after getting all zen with Mother Nature, who wants to stress about they look like?

Note that it’s not recommended that you take brand new kicks, if you don’t want to get them a little beachy.

Hippie Chic

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

You weren’t ready to leave the breezy shores and sunshine before heading to class and want to stay in touch with your earthy side. Again, pair a long crop top-style bikini top with a pair of flowing, “hippie”-style pants to show off your waist and set the beach scene after you’ve left. You’ll stay comfy and look adorable showing off your shape. It’ll also look amazing with your texturized, beach waves, especially if you accessorize with a body chain.

Just make sure you’re comfortable sitting in class with a bit of your stomach showing If not, a loose-fit cardigan is a cute way to cover up.

Notice the cute suits under each outfit? Check out our profile on Casha Sol Swim here.

Video by Alexis Paige and Mohammed F Emran.
Edited by Alexis Paige.