How Casha Sol Swim epitomizes a 21st Century business

The name? It was inspired by an old family email address. The store? It’s all online. And the success? It practically happened overnight – with the help of YouTube.

Casha Sol Swim is an up-and-coming swimwear line in the South Florida region, that is making a splash in the most 21st century way possible. Creative Director Cassidy Hughes is working hard to stay on top of the waves of unexpected orders as they come in. “It’s been a lot more fast-paced than I thought it was going to be,” she says. “I’m just trying to keep up at this point and keep mastering the craft and keep making more complex designs.”

Cassidy Hughes, Owner and Creative Director of Casha Sol Swimwear. Photo by Max Jackson
Cassidy Hughes, Owner and Creative Director of Casha Sol Swimwear. Photo by Max Jackson

Yet, while the brand developed quickly, the thought behind it was one that Hughes always had in the back of her mind. “I knew that I’ve always kind of wanted to start a business,” says the senior, communication major at Florida Atlantic University.

“I tried to think of all the things that could be successful, that I would have fun doing, that would be good and representative of me.”

And as her college graduation approached, she had a realization that she needed to make a decision: “What am I gonna do with my life? What do I see myself doing?”

She concluded that handmade bikinis were something she could do on her own.

And so far she’s been right. The Sunshine State native quickly skipped the “new kid on the block” phase and is becoming a promising name in a competitive industry. Since June, she’s earned herself over 3,500 followers on Instagram and a growing community of loyal customers.

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

She says, “I thank my friends because they’ve been so supportive, but even friends of friends that I wouldn’t have expected to share my Facebook page, share my Instagram page.”

Her YouTube-learned skills have allowed her complete creative freedom over her handmade pieces which embody her minimalist style. Pulling inspiration from her favorite wardrobe pieces, Hughes takes cuts and styles that she knows work and tweaks them to make unique tops and bottoms.

“I take a piece of clothing, whether it be a crop top or a bralette or a pair of underwear that I really like how they fit, and I’ll take that and draw it out on a paper and kind of change the size,” she explains.

But she isn’t working on her own. With an emphasis on “creativity and individuality”, her customers are involved with the design process. Each suit is made-to-order after the customer chooses the fabric of their liking. One piece has over 28 fabric combination possibilities, and with each being reversible, you practically get two bathing suits in one.

This customizability also allows Hughes to really get an idea of what the market is looking for, as well as keep her costs down.

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

“I know most of the swimwear boutiques are super expensive. I grew up wearing Victoria Secret bathing suits,” she says. “And what I love about mine is that it’s affordable, but it’s also very chic with a classy style.”

Prices range from $22 for a pair of classic bottoms to $48 for a one piece. And that’s not all Casha Sol has to offer. A beach look can be spruced up with the Pilo Choker which, made out of the same nylon lycra material that the suits are, can be worn in the water. Sunglasses are also an accessory option that Hughes is currently developing.

Photo by Max Jackson
Photo by Max Jackson

Hughes hopes to continue on this upward path as she expands her inventory and entertains the idea of opening her own boutique, but wants to maintain that small business vibe for the sake of quality and personability. And with a “everything happens for a reason” mindset, it’s needless to say that Hughes is very happy with how an idea and a little internet search turned into a blossoming career.

Video by Alexis Paige and Mohammed F Emran.
Edited by Alexis Paige.