Why I don’t care which guy Rory Gilmore ends up with

Growing up I was told by books, TV shows and movies that to be a successful woman I needed to find a man. And then support that man with what he decides to do with our lives.

But then I watched “Gilmore Girls”.

The season finale left me heartbroken as Rory chose her career over the “perfect” Logan, but now that I’m rewatching in lieu of the revival, it’s exactly what I need leading up to the final stage of my college career.

Lately, with engagement season in full swing (talk about a holiday season that needs to be delayed) my vagina and naked ring finger are telling me I need to be getting a man to the altar ASAP.  

Suddenly, I feel like I’m missing out on something. I’m trying to line up a job after graduation, making the right connections along the way and even starting to finally understand what I want to do with my life.

But for some reason I feel guilty (guilty!) that come graduation, I’m going to be putting my career over a guy.

Years ago I remember thinking, “Whyy??” when Rory decided not to follow perfect Logan to California – he was smart, handsome, had a great future ahead of him. And, after all, I’m sure there were great newspapers in Cali that Rory could’ve gotten a job at.

But why should she have to put his dreams above hers? At least that’s my logic now, 15 years later and fully ready to put my career over any guy. Because, well, I worked too damn hard not to.

Come the 25th of November I’m not team Jess, Logan or Dean. But I do want to see what she has done during this time. What happened after she followed the campaign trail? Does she regret not getting engaged when she did? How did her career path pan out?

More importantly for me, I wonder if she is still a journalist or if she pivoted somewhere through the years. As someone who feels like they will start their career going down one path and end up down a completely different one, I’d love to see how a character that I (and probably every other girl) resonated with throughout the years.