Healthy ways to banish your hangover

We all have our hangover cures – greasy food, gallons of coffee, a couple more shots of whatever was in your drink last night, a little more than the recommended amount of painkillers. But, there are way healthier ways to recover from a night of treating yourself.

So, put that burger down and listen up (we’ll talk quietly).

Lemon Water

So, you resisted and resisted, but there came a time when you had to break the seal and run (maybe stumble, no judgement) to the restroom. This can lead to some major dehydration. Rehydrate your body by guzzling some H2O. Add lemon to readjust your pH levels to become more alkaline. This’ll help with those dreaded headaches.


Eating carbs before a night of drinking is a tried-and-true method to keep things under control, but if your night overloads your pregame, soak it up the morning after with some toast. If you can stomach it, add some egg to get the benefits of the amino acid, cysteine, which can help stave off symptoms. Or, eat a banana to restore potassium.


This is another drink to replenish your body. Yeah, you might have to go in the kiddie section to grab it, but it’s worth it. With more sodium and potassium than sport drinks like Gatorade, it’ll restore nutrients you lost during your night while helping your body stay hydrated.

Cold Shower

Wake yourself up and scrub off that bar griminess with a refreshing shower. This’ll shock your body a bit, but feeling good mentally is an important step to feeling better physically.

Netflix & Chill

You may think exercising is the way to go to get your body going, but you’ve already pushed it to its limits, if you’re struggling in the morning. If you can, take a rest day and be kind to your insides. At most, If you think you can manage, do a couple stretches to work out the kinks and get your blood flowing.

Featured Image by Alexis Paige