The perfect bag for every college girl lifestyle

A girl’s life is kept in her daily bag. From snacks new, eaten and nibbled on to her planner that she would be lost without, her purse needs to fit her lifestyle. But finding the right one can be difficult.

Here is some arm candy for every type of college girl:

Sorority – Colorful

Photo by Alexis Paige
The House of Perna | Photo by Alexis Paige

This girl wants something unique that all her sisters will fawn over. This girl will be able to spot her bag from across the room as it pops, making a statement everywhere from chapter meetings to mixers.

Girl Boss – Structured

Photo by Alexis Paige
Kate Spade | Photo by Alexis Paige

This girl needs a bag that can keep up with her ever-moving life. Having to run from class to a cubicle, this tote has to hold everything from a laptop and planner to a 10-page paper and textbook.

Traveler – Inspiration

Photo by Alexis Paige
Uniqlo | Photo by Alexis Paige

This girl is always ready to go, but can’t leave quite yet. She needs a bag to remind her of where it is she’s going, not where she is. Her bag also must be able to hold all the reading materials she needs as she studies up on her next adventure.

On the Move – Mini Backpack

Photo by Alexis Paige
JustFab | Photo by Alexis Paige

Now this isn’t a tote, but this girl ain’t got time to fling a bag over her shoulder — she has to be hands free. Whether it’s because she’s skating around campus or walking around with a camera, she needs to be ready to catch whatever the day throws her way.

Featured image by Alexis Paige