More than music: What to expect at SunFest 2017

SunFest has always been an artistic labyrinth with painters winding around downtown West Palm Beach, where stages of musicians play jazz, rap, rock, electronic and more. But this year, they’ve taken the audience from bystanders to creators.

After 33 years, SunFest – held from May 3rd to the 7th this year – will no longer have a juried fine art show. Spurred on by the positive response to the 2016 revamping of the food, they are going to have “one that is more innovative, immersive, and affordable… featur[ing] live artist demonstrations, installations, and new products,” according to their website.

SunFest may be best known as a music festival, but the time between sets and the paths between stages will evoke just as much thought and emotion, only with a river of colors and an explosion of flavor instead of a stream of notes.

One notable installation will be by Béju of Le Jobart, an art duo consisting of French-born Béju, Muriente — an urban planning instructor at Florida Atlantic University – and their so-called “Alley Dude,” the subject of the piece.

Ranging from a foot to 20 feet tall and made of PVC pipe, the humanoid sculpture is meant to be completed by the observer as “the simplicity of their concept, yet intricate designs will guide you into completing the piece by imagining the details of their facial expressions and hand gestures,” according to their site

Taking more of a hands-on approach and just as bright is Mobile Murals which will be at the festival where attendees can help paint a pre-designed mural.

Beyond the art of painting and sculptures is the art of cooking. The Eatery – which Sunfest has curated just as well as their musical lineup alongside the Palm Beach Food & Wine Festival – will offer The Diner, a 50’s-themed, all-American cuisine and The Fuel Station “featuring food and drinks to get you going and keep you moving.” 

Photo by Mohammed F. Emran
Be sure to download the SunFest app for all the info. | Photo by Mohammed F. Emran

Additionally, there’ll be frosty adult beverages to keep you cool. Much to the possible dismay of those who proudly wear their drunk goggles, the bars at SunFest will actually be floating on the water. Three bars sponsored by Bacardi, SKYY Vodka and Coors Light will be tied up to the seawall.

So, grab your sea legs, prepare to get your hands dirty and get ready for SunFest 2017.

Featured image by Alexis Paige