Your fashion guide to SunFest 2017

Music and memories are what we claim to go for, but if you didn’t snap a picture in your outfit, did you really go a festival? Not likely.

We’ve gotten our feet wet with Okeechobee at the beginning of March, but we’ve still got a summer of fun music fests ahead of us – hello, SunFest! That means your closet is gonna need a few new additions.

So, use that “I couldn’t afford Coachella, so I’m going all out here” budget with this inspiration that’ll help you through the week:

Day 1: Wednesday, May 3rd

Photo by Logan Bonner

Make a statement and set the tone for the rest of the week with a bold look. This black and red ensemble will make you feel like a total badass and is the perfect street style to hang with Snoop Dogg in.

The mix of metal chains and mesh give it texture and dimension, keeping it contemporary, while a bandana tied around the neck softens it up a little. This type of edginess isn’t something you’d typically find at an outdoor music festival in Florida, so it’s definitely an outfit for the girl who’s not afraid to make an impression.

Day 2: Thursday, May 4th

Photo by Logan Bonner

While Macklemore and Ryan Lewis rap about the thrift store, channel your old school vibes with this low-key vintage look. Somewhat reminiscent of “Legally Blonde’s” Elle Woods.

An ascot cap will shield your eyes just enough and add an urban feel, while a mix of fabric and metal fringe offer a cool juxtaposition. Yellow sunglasses are also super trendy, and are a somewhat unexpected element that makes this look that much more fresh.

Day 3: Friday, May 5th

Photo by Logan Bonner

With the likes of Flo Rida and Ziggy Marley taking the stage, you’re probably going to be feeling free and flying high. Spread your good energy with a boho-chic look.

The soft creams, embroidered bralette and frayed denim offers an understated mix of texture that allows this look to stay casual, while gold accents give it a subtle glam finish. This way you’ll stay comfortable in the crowds and look cool while hanging around the floating bars like the goddess you are.

Day 4: Saturday, May 6th

Photo by Logan Bonner

This day, you’ll need an outfit for all types of music. From belting alongside pop princess Tori Kelly to rocking out with Breaking Benjamin and dancing to the sweet sounds from Marshmello, you’ll want something that’ll move with you.

This two-piece offers a same-print combo while featuring the uber-trendy off-the-shoulder neckline, making it easy to toss on and feel fashionable. Plus, you don’t have to strip down to use the bathroom like you would with a romper. This LF set is great for all skin tones and shapes, as it features a cinched waist to show off curves as well as a color that’ll complement yellow and pink undertones. Accessorizing with brassy tones completes the look, giving it a Grecian vibe.

Day 5: Sunday, May 7th

Photo by Logan Bonner

By the end of the week, you might be feeling a little tired from the sunshine and good times. Keep it simple this last day with an easy-to-wear pair of overalls, as you chill out with Rachel Platten, Wavves, Blink-182 and more.

Paired with a tube-top, this ensemble also makes it easy to even out any tan lines you might’ve earned over the past few days. Lastly, complete the look by accessorizing with a statement belt to make it a little more mature.

Styled and modeled by Alexa of Above Your Avg
Special thanks to LF Delray for supplying the clothing
Featured image by Logan Bonner