4 steps to get back on the health wagon

Your elbows are scratched, your body bruised and your mind isn’t where it should be. Falling off the health and fitness wagon can be a doozy, and it doesn’t get easier the more it happens.

But, just because you’re struggling to hop back on doesn’t mean you’ll never reach your health goals. Here are a few simple tips to help you:

1. Restock your kitchen

Photo by Emily Creighton

Food is a pretty common motivator. When you have sugary, unhealthy snacks all around, you’ll be more inclined to eat them only to feel sluggish and guilty afterwards. Stocking your kitchen with a variety of fruits and vegetables and meats (which can be frozen, if you buy in bulk) sets you up to eat healthier.

And once you get started, you’re more likely to be motivated to eat and buy healthy in the future. Start your stash with chicken breasts, salmon, avocados, peaches, brussels sprouts, rice cakes and more! Buying basic allows you a lot of wiggle room when it comes to recipes.

2. Eliminate cheat days

If you need a cookie, you need a cookie. If you’d rather watch Netflix, watch Netflix. Sometimes you’re just not going to want to do anything. We all have those days, whether you’re trying to get fit or not.

Don’t make yourself feel guilty for skipping the gym or munching on some chips every once in awhile.

The key to living a healthy lifestyle is listening to your body. If it feel like pulling teeth to get something done, you’re going to associate doing good with bad. So, take the day, don’t make yourself feel guilty and live a little. Just don’t make it an everyday thing.

3. Try “no-workout workouts”

Photo by Mohammed F Emran

The dreaded gym… Cardio bunnies, free weight meatheads – it’s not always an enjoyable experience. So, get out of there! Take back your workouts by going for a walk in the park, going kayaking or paddleboarding in the intracoastal, playing some volleyball at the beach, do whatever is fun for you.

These non-traditional workouts are an easy hack to get your body moving without feeling like you’re working out. Not to mention, getting outside and soaking up the sun can help restore positive energy.

4. Stop with “athleisure”

Pajamas are for sleeping. Slippers are for the house. Workout clothes are for the gym. Yes, I know leggings are pants, but if you associate your workout clothes with lounging around – as athleisure suggests – those items are going to motivate you to get up!

Rework your current wardrobe or treat yourself to a few new pieces to spice up your gym clothes. If you keep items specifically for hiking or swimming or pilates, your mind and body will be more in tune. Know that you can still wear leggings around the house, just be sure to have a separate pile of “workout specific” pants.

Featured image by Max Jackson