One of these Florida cities may be your next career move

Turns out where we live is no longer just where people vacation.

Miami (no. 1), Orlando (no. 2) and Jacksonville (no. 7) are now three of the best cities in the country to score a job, according to the career site, Indeed.

The survey studied “50 metro areas with the most postings on Indeed” and analyzed characteris like the average salary adjusted, the cost of living and how Indeed users reviewed the work-life balance. Everything people look for in a career.

“For job seekers looking for opportunity, good pay, job security, and work-life balance, the most attractive cities are in the warm, sunny, and fast-growing cities of the south and southwest,” said Indeed’s Senior Vice President, Paul D’Arcy.

Also among the top 10 list were Raleigh, NC (no. 3), Austin, TX (no. 4) and Sacaramento, CA (no. 5), establishing a theme of southern metro areas.

In other local pride news, if being the boss is your preferred position, starting a business down here is a smart idea as well. According to WalletHub – which compared the business environment, access to resources and business costs in 150 cities – Port St. Lucie (no. 14), Orlando (no. 19), Hialeah (no. 21), Tampa (no. 23) and Ft. Lauderdale (no. 24) are some of the best cities for startups.

Other Florida cities to make the list included: Miami (no. 35), Cape Coral (no. 40), Jacksonville (no. 42), Pembroke Pines (no. 48), St. Petersburg (no. 57) and Tallahassee (no. 63), which also sported one of the shortest work weeks.

Now, this doesn’t mean we want the Snowbirds here year round, but it is promising for college grads and the parents who want them out of the house!

Featured image by Emily Creighton