This June birthstone can help you lead a better life

Supermoons, pink moons, blood moons and more. These mystical monikers used to come once in a blue moon. But in today’s world, our ever-growing curiosity is expanding seemingly quicker than the universe itself, shedding light on the skies above.

However, here on Earth, we can get a little taste of something otherworldly by tapping into the aptly named “moonstone.”

Photo by Emily Creighton
Photo by Emily Creighton

Adopted as Florida’s state gem in the 1970s, the lesser known June birthstone has a long history, dating back thousands of years. From the Hindu to the Russians, it was believed that moonstones were formed by droplets of moonbeams and were used by travelers for protection.

“Moonstone opens the intuitiveness, especially with cosmic forces such as the moon cycles,” says Jolie DeMarco, a “crystal junkie” and owner of My Flora Aura, a mindful healing center in Boca Raton. “Hold or wear one during the full or new moon and feel its powers resonate strongly with yours.”

Just as the moon changes, representing a life cycle, the moonstone helps users move forward in their own lives and towards their goals.

“It’s a force that manifests those needs in your life and the inner knowing to consciously make those things come to fruition,” says Jolie. “Moonstone holds positive properties that affect our bodies’ energy, such as promoting clear thinking, good communication and bringing inspiration.”

But not all moonstones are created equal. Jolie says, “The appearance and where the moonstone is from can make a big difference on your ‘feeling’ you receive from holding one.”

Photo by Emily Creighton
Photo by Emily Creighton

Black moonstones are said to have the strongest emotional healing abilities, while creamy white moonstones – the most common – bring good fortune. And those that have a peach hue are “said to bring in more compassion in your life.”

Jolie makes special note of the rainbow moonstone though. “Rainbow moonstone – you would think is a rainbow of colors – but it’s creamy with black flecks in it. It holds wonderful Goddess energy. This means it holds divine feminine, compassion and love with all it bring in your thoughts and ambitions,” says Jolie.

So, whether you’re a June baby or not, introducing moonstone into your jewelry collection, home decor or crystal collection may be what you need to motivate your mind, body and spirit to take the next step and live a more balanced life.