How to maintain a healthy long distance relationship

So you’ve found someone you like and all seems right with the world, but there’s one little problem… distance isn’t on your side. Nowadays, with the power of the internet, our options for keeping up with others have been broadened – especially for significant others.

Long distance relationships, however, are not easy and need extra care to not fall apart, even with us being able to connect through our fingertips. Here are six key facets of a long distance relationship that will keep the love flowing:


No matter the distance, every relationship needs communication. No matter how short the conversation, talking on the phone allows both parties to get a better sense of how the other is feeling, who they are and develop a stronger bond. With almost every social media platform offering a video call, you’ll even be able to learn each other’s facial expressions.

First to know

When something important happens in your life, they should be the first to know. If your boyfriend/girlfriend finds out through Facebook or Instagram, they will feel like they’re missing out on important steps in your life. By sharing those moments, you both will feel secure about the relationship. Sharing parts of your day no matter how big or small can maintain the energy between you two.

You’ve Got Mail

This may not be the most important aspect of a close distance relationship. But, it could make a big difference for those with miles between. Sending gifts or even letters shows your partner that you thought of them and went out of your way to make sure they knew they’re on your mind. Handwritten letters should really make a comeback.


If you want an LDR to work for the long haul, you both need to make an effort to visit one another or at least plan trips together. Having that face-to-face connection every so often keeps the flame going.


Distance makes the heart grow fonder, but it can also make the sex drive run wild. Go crazy and make all those late night calls come to life. Spend the whole day in bed if you need to. If you two are meeting for the first time, be sure to talk about this step beforehand so that no one has skewed expectations. This can lead to disappointment, which can unfortunately add awkwardness to the relationship.


Essential to all relationships, but needed most for those making the distance, trust must be established for both individuals. This is different for all couples. Whether they like hourly text updates, Snapchats whenever you go out or even getting to know some of your friends, this is where you meet your partner halfway.

Both of you have to know that the other trusts you and vice versa. If she says she’s going out with friends, but fails to mention that her friends are all dudes, that’s a red flag. If he says he’s staying in with his best friend, but you see that he’s actually at a bar on his Snapchat story, that’s a red flag. Trust is all about making sure there are no red flags your partner can raise.

At the end of the day, if you have truly found happiness in a person at the other end of a long-distance relationship, then the extra struggles to keep going are all the more worthwhile.

Featured image by Netanya Walton