How to make moving into your dorm a breeze

Moving into the dorms freshman year can be so exciting. You’ve got new roommates that are hopefully amazing and lots of decorating to do. But, it’s also pretty overwhelming.

You may be leaving home for the first time (don’t worry, everyone is feeling the same thing.) Having limited space and time to get it all done before classes begin, the whole process can seem intimidating. However, there are some ways to streamline the process. Take this from somebody who was in college for three years but had five dorm rooms (pray to every god out there that your roommates are better than some of mine were).

Here are some easy ways to save your move in crew unnecessary stress:

Order ahead of time

If you’re moving out of state, Bed, Bath & Beyond’s college registry will save your life. Literally – you won’t suffocate under everything jammed into the backseat. You can do it online or go in-store (which allows you to visual everything) and pick out what you think you might need or want.

They also have lists you can refer to. It’s just like a wedding registry where you use the little gun. Then, your list is sent to the BB&B nearest to your campus. Set a pick up date and go get it! If you decide you don’t want something come pick up, simply tell them before you check out.

Get the basics

Choosing a dorm theme is a lot of fun, but you need to be practical. Cutesy boxes with delicate handles just end up taking up space and being inconvenient. So, make sure all of your packing boxes are functional. Honestly, the clear plastic bins are the way to go. You can see what’s in them and it doesn’t matter if they get banged up. You can find them at your nearest Walmart where they typically go on sale around school time. As for other stuff, keep your hangers, kitchen supplies, etc. simple. It’ll save you time later.

Pro tip: If you can, hang your clothes up ahead of time, toss a trash bag around a handful and slip the handles, crisscrossed around the hangers. It makes setting up your closet way easier.

Keep your crew small

Dorm rooms are infamously small, and your belongings are going to feel infinitely bigger the second you bring them all in. So, when you bring in people, it begins to feel like you’re all giants. Keep your move-in group to a minimum. Three is probably ideal. Then you can divide and conquer with some people making trips to and from the car and the other unpacking.

Pack proper tools

You never know when you might run into the need for a nail (yes, you can put holes in your wall. Just make sure some toothpaste can seal them up) or a Phillips-head. Just find one of those essentials packs and prepare to keep it throughout your college career. Also, toss Command strips under the tools category. They’ll be more useful than nails on most occasions.

Pro tip: Talk to your roommate ahead of time. If one of you is bringing a Keurig or microwave and are willing to share, that’ll save major space.

Take a break

Be respectful of your roommates – that’s a lesson to carry with you throughout all of your roommate years. If you have a double, take a break at a halfway point to give your roommate some time.

No, they may not pay the pay courtesy to you, but if they don’t have to worry about anyone else for even a half hour, chances are they’ll move quicker. Overall, it just makes it easier to maneuver when there are less people in the room.

Bring your own transportation

I’m talking about moving boxes, not a car. Your residence hall will have a handful of dollies and there may be helpful football players around, but you’re gonna want to bring your dolly or hand truck. To start, if your desk chair has wheels, bring that sucker on down. You can also rent one from U-Haul or Home Depot, but you may want to considering buying one. Some are pretty inexpensive and you’ll have it for years, saving you in the future. Just slip it under your bed or send it home with your parents until next time!

Featured image by Emily Creighton