This study gave dressing for success a new meaning

Never in history have women been more welcome in the workplace than now. With 47 percent of women currently contributing to America’s labor force, they’ve worked to establish a permanent place professionally since the 1950s, when they made up just 34 percent.

Unfortunately, one thing that hasn’t seemed to change in 50 years is women’s appearances being put above their abilities. Or to be blunt, women getting hired because of their boobs.

A study conducted by Paris-Sorbonne University last summer showed that female applicants were 19 times more likely to acquire an interview when showcasing their assets. 19 times!

Over the course of three years, two women with similar appearances and identical resumes were submitted to 200 sales positions, as well as 200 accounting positions. The only big difference being their clothing. These resumes and photos – which alternated the two females in revealing and traditional tops – exposed how to dress for success.

“Regardless of the job, whether customer-facing saleswoman or office-based accountant, the candidate with the low cut clothing received more positive answers,” said Dr. Sevag Kertechian, the researcher behind the experiment.

For the 200 sales role applications, the low-cut dress submissions acquired 62 more interviews than the modest applicants; out of the 200 accounting roles, there were 68 more interview offers.

Although we do not know the genders of the managers reviewing these resumes, this study still displays women aren’t hired based on their skills – and we’ve got plenty. Ignoring a person’s intelligence doesn’t help the business, the people involved or society’s advancement.