My 5 year plan didn’t work out and I couldn’t be happier

Living in New York City, splitting a crappy apartment with five roommates, getting paid for dancing on my toes — a dream come true to 17-year-old me. The only bachelor I wanted in my life would be holding my hand, not framed on my wall. And the only aisle I’d be walking down was lined with pasta, not roses.

Five years ago, that’s where I wanted myself to be now. Not graduating college, let alone with a degree in business and computer science. Not killing my eyes working in front of a computer screen all day. Not having a side hustle, or even knowing what that meant.

But that’s how life goes — never as planned.

I feel like I have lived a different life each year within the last five years. I’ve changed potential career paths, college majors, closest friends and thoughts on life. I guess you could say that I just grew up, but I’d like to think it’s more than that.

Learning more about myself in each year than all the other 17 combined (minus the whole learning how to walk and talk portion), I got to grow into the person I am today without the distractions and preconceived notions of the past.

Upon entering college, I started on such a squeaky clean slate that nothing I was previously focused on directly helped the future I was trying to make. At all.

Slightly getting over my fear of failing by failing a little bit at everything I tried was how I discovered what I currently love to do: create content. Having to come into everything I do now with an amateur mindset, it made me work smarter and harder. It’s made me proud of not only my progress but the journey that I went through.

I got to step off of the path that I was afraid of swaying from and create a new one along the way. Learning what I truly like instead of borrowing what others enjoyed is something that only came about when I was given the opportunity to start anew.

So don’t ask me where I’ll be in five years. And don’t dwell on where you’ll be either. Just pick a path that your passion takes you down and the rest will figure itself out.

Featured image by Mohammed F. Emran