The Wedge Effect is the tool your at-home workout needs

Gains are about to get a lot easier to come by. And you don’t even need to leave your dorm room. The Wedge Effect, a lightweight and portable foam exercise tool that offers a slight incline, requires only you and the floor, and it may change how you approach your workout.

Wedge Effect inventor and owner Mark Drucker, who has had in hands in several fitness ventures over the years, noticed people using gym equipment improperly, putting them at a higher risk for injury. In fact, roughly 380,000 male and female college athletes file injury reports according to the NCAA and the National Athletic Trainers’ Association.

how can i target muscles with the wedge effect
Drucker explains how the Wedge Effect targets muscles. | Photo by Emily Creighton

Looking to maximize workouts while maintaining a proper and effective form, Drucker found that adding a slight incline between a person and the floor could alleviate joint strain while targeting specific muscle groups.

In July of 2017, he launched his first line, featuring the Workout Wedge ($59.99), which sold out. Now, Drucker is about to launch his second line of products this fall:

Two Seventy: What makes the Wedge Effect different from similar fitness products on the market?  

Mark Drucker: The Wedge Effect is the first family of tools that can physically reduce strain on joints and target muscles by forming a new ground. It forms this new ground with it’s physio-engineered shape and inclines.

The bottom of the Wedge Effect is also our proprietary blend of two foams with a human fingerprint pattern. This is what stops the Wedge Effect from slipping while you perform your workout. The foam is also sweat resistant. You won’t ever have to worry about the product slipping out from under you.

how can i prevent slipping while working out with the wedge effect
The Wedge Effect features a non-slip, fingerprint surface. | Photo by Emily Creighton
TS: Can you explain how the Wedge Effect technology works?

MD: The reason people stop doing exercises efficiently is not because of the muscle they are trying to reach. It’s because of some joint or back strain that gets in the way. The angle of the Wedge Effect will properly align your spine and allow you to do a proper squat without straining your back. It hits the primary muscle groups and eliminates the secondary muscle groups we call “the cheating muscles” and because you can’t cheat, you are able to do the exercise more efficiently.  

TS: How is the Wedge Effect a more dorm-friendly fitness tool?

 MD: The Wedge Effect is very light and compact, so you can put them in your backpack or the corner of your dorm room. The other thing is the special bottom allows students to workout on any surface. You can workout right in the middle of your dorm room or take them outside to workout. You’re going to see how much more effective your workout is on the Wedge Effect rather than by yourself on the floor.  

what at-home workout tools do i need like the wedge effect
Photo by Emily Creighton
TS: Can you tell us more about the newer products in the Wedge family?

MD: The Workout Wedge is now seven inches wide in order to make them more compact for someone’s office, dorm room or gym. It can fit perfectly in your backpack to take to the gym to do exercises like deadlifts, lunges, squats, crunches and planks.

The Stretch Wedge curves into the palm of your hands. Unlike a typical yoga brick, this contour helps you grip. The Stretch Wedge also possesses the specially designed bottom so you don’t need to use a yoga mat.  

The other wedges joining the family soon will be the Wedge Ledge and the Versa Wedge. The Wedge Ledge will be a safer and more efficient version of a plyo box. You will be able to choose your own height by stacking the Wedge Ledge. The Versa Wedge is shorter and fits exactly into the curvature of your back. The entire shape fills the gap between your shoulder blades and bench, allowing for a more effective bench press.  

TS: What is your workout philosophy?  

MD: I think fitness should be tailored to the individual so they can get the most out of their own workout. Everyone is different. I don’t like it when some people try to push their own plans on other people. If you’re a beginner, then you start where you start. If you’re an expert and want to be more advanced, then you can take it to that direction. It’s all about working out smarter, not harder.  

Featured image by Emily Creighton