10 simple ways to get more out of life every day

More – it’s a loaded word. It doesn’t have an exact definition for the figurative way in which we use it. It implies that we’re missing something in life. While “more” can be something tangible like money, most people are looking for the hardest things to achieve: peace, balance, stability and happiness. So, how do you achieve that? You start making changes. Here are 10 changes you can make everyday to get “more” out of life:

Complete Your First To-Do

You hear everyone saying that you should make your bed first thing. That’s not so your room looks spick and span. It’s for that little boost of confidence that comes along with achievement. So, whether you make your bed, wash your face or say a prayer once you open your eyes, cross off your first to-do to set the tone for the day.

Set a Mantra

You get what you put out. Spreading positivity is such an important thing nowadays. But, you need to believe in the potential of every day to share it with others. So, assign a mantra to your day. “I will do it,” “I am able,” “Everything is temporary” – whatever you need to hear, tell yourself.

Write Down Goals

why do i need to set life goals
Photo by Alexis Paige

Visualizing goals can make it so much easier to accomplish them. This can be something as simple as cleaning out the dishwasher, or it can be helping out a total stranger. You know what you need to get done to feel that satisfaction of “more.” Hold yourself accountable by putting it down in front of you.

Limit Your Social Media Time

Social media breeds a lot of great engagement with others. But, there tends to be more competition over community. Live in the moment by putting your Instagram away. You can still check what’s going on throughout the day, just try not to do it as often. Eventually it’ll get easier!

Research Trending Topics

Staying in the know is vital to being a functioning member of society. However, there’s a lot of BS that makes it hard to turn on the T.V. So, rather than pick up the remote, do your own research. Start with a quick Google search and go from there. Being knowledgeable about current events will have you feeling on top your game.

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Pick Up the Phone

Yeah, it’s kind of weird nowadays. Who has time to actually pick up the phone for a chat? Listening to a voice over the phone makes things more personal than words on a screen. So, whether it’s your mom for the millionth time or your long-distance best friend, give them a call.

Rent a Book

You can get so many important life lessons from reading. Not to mention, you can expand your vocabulary and gain some great conversation starters. “Hey, have you read…?” can break ice and warm the waters immediately.

Sign Up for Volunteer Work

how can volunteer work improve my life
Photo by Emily Creighton

Being involved with something other than yourself and your intimate circle can be eye-opening. Soup kitchens, beach cleanups, reading to kids – it can all make your day more valuable and make someone else feel important.

Plan an Adventure

Get out of your comfort zone! Take an impromptu road trip one weekend or try a new activity. This not only is fun, but it keeps you on your toes. And, with a solidified school or work schedule, doing something that’s not on a to-do list keeps life interesting.

Get Outside

Spending time in nature can really put life into perspective. Putting your phone on silent and exploring the outdoors can clear your mind and leave you feeling fulfilled. Just be sure to leave it better than when you came and pick up any trash along the way.

Featured image by Emily Creighton