Fall fashion inspiration for the everyday millennial

Fall has officially arrived in Florida. Meaning, our car thermostats are showing a chilly 60-something degrees and our Facebook feeds are filling up with “we live where you vacation” memes.

Our leaves my not be changing but our coffee flavors are – and we get to order them iced.

But, while we may not get a dramatic change of temperature, we do get to hang up our flip flops for a few months and enjoy some fall fashion. Just in our own Floridian way! Here are three looks for some seasonal inspo:


how is fall fashion for business casual
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Class, internships, and jobs are where comfort takes priority. But that doesn’t mean you can’t add some autumn flair into your work day. Wide-legged, burnt orange pants allow you seasonal comfort for all-day wear while staying on trend.

Pair them with a graphic tee and heels, like shown, for a business casual day when you’re juggling being a student and a professional. Or, dress them down by opting for flats and adding a denim jacket.

Day Out

what fall fashion should i pack for florida
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

An oversized cardigan is a signature piece that will last you the whole season. In Florida, we have the option throwing it over some high-waisted shorts or pants. Also, choosing a statement color, like this mustard yellow, can be the centerpiece of an outfit or blend in with a neutral color palette.

An accessory can be a simple addition that balances out an ensemble. In the outfit shown, a hat brings the eye up while the drama of bare legs and boots is styled on the bottom. Needless to say, no look sums up Florida fall fashion than working rich tones with tan legs!

On the Town

how can i wear pink in fall fashion
Photo by Mohammed F Emran

Florida nights may not be filled with bonfires and hot chocolate, but we get to go out sans jacket. Keeping with the cold shoulder and choker trends, this deep, floral pattern shows the change of the season while staying tropically inspired.

It’s always fun to play with texture too! So while boots are a staple, don’t be afraid to step out of the box and into a pair like these Millennial Pink velvet booties. But, as you enjoy the breezy nights in our seaside towns, still keep an eye out for puddles! Because while fall may be in session, the rainy season never truly ends.