5 ways to stay focused when it’s dark af outside

The afternoon slump is too real, and daylight savings isn’t exactly helping. Now that it’s getting darker during optimal nap time it’s getting even harder to finish your day out strong. Your workload most likely isn’t going to light up, so your productivity shouldn’t either.

Finish out your day by staying focused with these five tips:

Leave the easy stuff for last

Your brain is ready to clock out, so don’t try to push it. Ideally, you should work on your most challenging project first, while your brain is alert. Then, you can tackle the mundane tasks that don’t require 100 percent of your brain power – like answering emails or searching for sourcing – for later.

Give yourself a reward

When you see the sun starting to set, try to keep a treat of some kind waiting for you. Whether that be a chocolate treat or a walk over to a local coffee shop, find something that will make you happy you’ve made it this far!

Change up the tunes

Music can build up your momentum, if you chose the right station. Try to stay with something upbeat, but not something you want to just sing along to. The “Chill” station on Spotify is always a good choice. It drowns out the unwanted noise while letting you stay focused on your work.

Give yourself a boost

Don’t order a venti mocha, but do try a green tea or a small cup of coffee. The caffeine boost will jumpstart your body without going overboard. If you try to avoid caffeine altogether, unwrap a protein bar or snack.

Move locations

Changing environments can make you feel like you’re starting the day again. This can help your brain stay alert and not fall victim to zoning out for the rest of the day. Try to find a place with ideal light and warmer temperature – you don’t want your brain to think it’s time for bed.

Featured image by Alexis Paige