A water-based moisturizer may save your skin this winter

Dry season is upon us. Yes, even in Florida us dry girls must amp up our moisture routine to keep our flakes at bay. With the popularity of water-based face creams on the rise, we wanted to compare two drugstore options and see if this trend will help fend off dry skin.

Hyaluronic Acid, which is naturally found in your skin, is the key difference between these type of face creams compared to traditional ones. While other creams neglect to include this ingredient, many are starting to incorporate it for it’s refreshing, hydrating capabilities.

Known for having no side effects and aiding with burns, wounds and sores, hyaluronic acid helps retain collagen, provide flexibility and hold moisture naturally. Being able to hold a thousand times its weight in water, it replenishes your skin’s water content.

Garnier SkinActive Moisture Bomb

You know those skincare commercials where the spokesperson splash water on their face perfectly? That’s how your skin feels when you apply this moisturizer. It instantly quenched your skin’s thirst, even if you didn’t know you were having a dry spell. But, the feeling doesn’t linger as long as I’d like.

The texture is different than your usual face moisturizer. You feel the water-based factor both scooping out of the jar and when rubbing in. It’s not as thick as your traditional heavy-duty face cream, but still gets the job done. I’d purchase this for a day cream, but wouldn’t rely on it under mattifying foundation if you have very dry skin because towards the end of the day you may experience your dry patches coming through.

After a few weeks of solely wearing this, I craved a more intense rehydration. Though there were no real negatives, I just wish it provided my skin with a longer, deeper relief.

L’Oréal Hydra Genius

Photo by Alexis Paige

Similar to what you’d expect from a dry skin focused face cream, this moisturizer instantly replenishes your skin’s moisture with a little twist. While staying lightweight, L’Oréal Hydra Genius keeps my skin happy all day and night.

As the perfect medium between a typical day moisturizer and a night cream, this has been my go-to face moisturizer for all day wear and a great base at night for my eye cream. Though they promise 72-hour wear, I’m not sure anyone that would go that long without reapplying, especially if they have dry skin.

I’ve been using this daily for the last few weeks and I’ve never picked up another face cream or felt the need to. It lasted me all day without wishing I could apply lotion over my makeup, and I never felt the need to reach for a different one at night. Preferring to slightly feel my moisturizer still on my skin in the morning, this one checked off all of my must-haves in a face cream.

Featured image by Alexis Paige