Best coffee shops to get work done in South Florida

Working at a desk all day can kill. Literally. Not only your body, but also your productivity. That’s why many people opt to ditch their desks (both in an office or home) and head over to a coffee shop to pump out that laundry list of to-dos.

In South Florida, we have a few coffee houses catering to latte art-loving creatives like myself. But, in some shops, you can get lost in your laptop all day while others are good for a caffeine fix-and-flee.

If you’ve ever worked remotely, you know that you need Wifi, power outlets and lighting. With that, you can set up your workspace and well, work. Here are the top three coffee joints you should check out next time you need a change of scenery:

R1 Coffee

R1 Coffee’s original location on Federal Hwy. Photo by Alexis Paige

With three locations in Boca Raton, you’ll be sure to find a seat. But, that’s not the only reason R1 Coffee made this list. With ample amounts of lighting, power outlets and food, you can set up shop and get to work without having to figure out where to go next for refueling.

Faint, ambient music fills the walls with enough sound to drown out the typing and clicking of the person next to you while giving you enough background noise while there’s a lull inside. Their bar stools and high tables are also the perfect height for that midday stand.

Switchbox Coffee Roaster

Photo by Alexis Paige

Located in Fat Village in Oakland Park, is an industrial yet homey coffee shop that has some of the best espresso drinks in all of South Florida. With a variety of seating and views, you can find your butt’s favorite seat or even change it up throughout the day.

If you opt for the couch or one of the center tables, you may have to change your seat to find an outlet once your battery starts to die. But, with enough room inside to not feel cramped, you’ll be able to pick up on others’ productivity while not picking up their odor.

Capital One Cafe – Delray Beach

Photo by Alexis Paige

Local love is something I’m very passionate about, but give credit where credit is due – even with bigger brands. Yes, by loving this cafe I’m falling into their marketing plot of getting millennials into their door. But, they have great seating, lighting, muffins and a view of Atlantic Avenue. They do have a lack of outlets if you’re in the center of the space, but if your cable is long and there is no one at the bar, you can probably reach.

Serving Peet’s Coffee and plenty of dairy-free milk options, the quality of your latte really depends on the barista — to be fair, like most coffee shops. Though the quality of my drinks has been up and down, the 50 percent discount with a Capital One card (almost) makes up for it.   

Featured image by Alexis Paige