Subculture Coffee Roasters opens location in Jupiter’s Harbourside

The hipsters are here, and they’ve opened one of the chillest spots in Jupiter to date. It’s a place where yoga moms can sip on a crisp white wine as their kid sleeps in the stroller at 11 a.m., while teeny boppers learn how to order non-Starbucks coffee, and the weirdos of judgey, #JupLife feel right at home. We’re talking Subculture Coffee Roasters.

The local roasters opened their third location (with the others in Delray and West Palm) in March, and it’s no doubt becoming just what Harbourside Place needed all along.

What originally was supposed to be an upscale yet welcoming, family-friendly mall on the water, quickly became a noise-controlled amphitheater with subpar food. (Except for BurgerFi – which is saying something since it’s right across from The Woods and Tommy Bahama.)

Harbourside’s concept was great, and still is. It just needs that local tie that could offer familiarity with more personality than Chico’s and Johnny Swirls. Subculture most definitely has that.

Photo by Emily Creighton

The Subculture Group owns South Florida staples, including Dada in Delray alongside Lost Weekend and Voltaire in West Palm Beach, just to name a few. They know how to keep it out of the ordinary while maintaining quality. They make a sometimes secluded, unapproachable community feel laidback by transporting you into a cool world that’s just a step out of our own.

Bringing a hipster haven into Jupiter may come with ripped jeans, minimalist tattoos and Macbook Pros, but it’ll also carry a community of common ground from all walks of life. Something this town needs: diversity.

Needless to say, I have high hopes for the coffee roasters. Jupiter has long been lofty over other loca business-driven places like Delray and West Palm. So, it will be exciting to see the impact a SoFlo-grown, small business can have.

Featured image by Emily Creighton