Review: Allbirds Tree Runners

I’m a simple (and lazy) person with a style that matches. So, when I saw these minimalist sneakers from Allbirds claiming to be comfortable AF for a decent price, I was intrigued. And once I learned they strive to limit their carbon footprint, I sprinted to the checkout.

From scrolling through the website to opening the shoebox-delivery box combo, everything was user-friendly. Which, I’m not sure about you, but that affects if I buy something online.

Most importantly, they do not lie — these things are comfy.

Are AllBird Tree Runners comfortable?
Photos by Mohammed F. Emran

Soft, supportive and stylish, I first laced these on sans socks as they claim you can. And I’ve continued to never need a barrier between my foot and the shoe. The sustainably-grown castor bean insoles are creamy under your feet, whether you’re going to be up and at it or butt all day.

Working in a pretty casual environment, I like having most of my closet be “work appropriate” – yes, even my sneakers – which the Allbirds Tree Runners live up to. I’ve worn them a few times to the office and have received compliments from all genders.

I must admit though, the only runs I consistently take involve coffee. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t reap the rewards of a light, well-supported sneaker. Besides, you probably shouldn’t be buying shoes for a marathon or training online since everyone’s feet require different support.

For those of you that care about where your clothes are made, Allbirds is pretty transparent and environmentally thoughtful. Their laces are made out of 100 percent recyclable material, and their insoles are made out of sustainably grown material. Both available for purchase.

Allbirds is also B Corporation Certified and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Certified, which essentially means they care about the environment a lot. And organizations have taken note.

So, even if you don’t care about that stuff (though you should), these sneakers are sure to be your feet’s new favorite pair.

Featured image by Mohammed F. Emran