How to care for your hair this summer

Choosing your hairstyle for the summer is a big deal. As you shed winter layers, you opt for shorter styles for your ‘do. And those locks that once acted as another sweater get chopped.

summer hair care products Sunbum
Photo by Emily Creighton

But, your summer look is only as good as the care you give it. Unfortunately, along with the sunlight-given highlights comes brittle hair and burnt scalps. Luckily, you can avoid both with these summer hair care tips:

Rinse After Swimming

Ya know how we all hate having to practically wash our dishes before putting them into a semi-effective dishwasher? Well, sorry to tell you – the same method applies to chlorine and salt water-drenched hair. After taking a dip, chlorine and salt water can leave your hair dry and knotted. This can lead to more damage over time. So, before you head back home, hit the showers for a quick rinse.

Use a Leave in Conditioner

The hot and humid weather is hard on our hair. Treat it right with an easy-to-use, leave-in conditioner. You can spritz it before heading home from the pool or beach, or just keep it handy for post-shower combing. Either way, upping the amount of moisture your hair is getting is crucial after stripping it in chlorine and saltwater.

Let Your Locks Loose

I get it. It’s sticky and gross outside 99% of the time during a Florida summer. But, those tight buns and braids can pull on your delicate strands, causing breakage and, eventually, the looks of a receding hairline.

Protect Your Scalp

There is nothing worse than trying to do your hair with a crispy scalp. Yup, this beats burnt ears. However, hair care tech is some next level shit and some shampoos, conditioners and leave-in treatments contain SPF! Additionally, a cute boho hat or sports cap can do the trick.