How I ditched my daily Starbucks habit and saved a lot of money

Coffee has established itself as one of the major food groups in my diet. Unfortunately, the average cost per cup is slightly, actually totally, ridiculous. And as a recent grad, I’m tackling student loans, car payments and the long attempt of finding an affordable apartment. Starbucks, though my love is strong, should not be the reason I’m in debt for the rest of my life.  

In college, I was out of my house for most of the day. Meaning, there was no time or place for me to be economical about my coffee habit. But now, as a semi-functional adult, I’ve learned that utilizing coffee as a meal substitute is not the best idea.

After analyzing my trusty Mint app, I noticed that a $45 per month was going into coffee. Sometimes more if I indulged on the weekends. Keep in mind this was me thinking I was not spending a lot on coffee.

But, it was time something changed. This is how I watered down my coffee spending:

Evaluated how much joy it brought me

Could I live without my $8 iced venti coconut milk mocha macchiato? Of course. But, I would most likely not enjoy my life the same way. Yes, that sounds a little dramatic, but it’s true. As it turns out, my mornings and afternoons were perfectly livable sans Starbucks.  

Made my office Keurig coffee edible

One of my biggest justifications for my coffee purchases was how much I loathed my office’s Keurig. The watery, bland flavor with only a drop of caffeine was not worth its non-existent price tag. However, I crafted a way to make it work. Bringing my own coconut milk creamer and filling up the tank with filtered water made a significant difference in the taste.

Used cash instead of card

If you wanna visually see how fast your money is going toward coffee, give yourself some cash each week and use it for your favorite latte. It’ll disappear quick. This will also keep you on budget. Hopefully a budget that’s not pushing $50 a month.

Drank more water & took more walks

Realizing that I used coffee as a break, I found better, more efficient ways to clear my head for a bit. I learned that sometimes I really just needed a walk around the block instead of 100mg of caffeine. And water became my new best friend. Sometimes I would feel drowsy and really just needed water instead of coffee.

Still treated myself

I will never be able to completely cut my coffee habit. Discovering new coffee shops is my weekend hobby, and that wasn’t about to change. Saving up my coffee budget for the weekend instead of blowing it during the week allowed me to go get a latte art Instagram photo guilt-free.