The best coffee in West Palm Beach

I work in downtown West Palm Beach, and I have to be there by 8 A.M. No joke. That means I’m in need of a serious brew at all hours of the day. Luckily, I’ve had plenty of time to try the best joe joints near the office. So, get to know the best coffee spots in West Palm Beach! Maybe I’ll see you there.

Loic Bakery

Where is the best coffee in West Palm Beach?
Photo by Alexis Paige

French, but make it South Florida. That’s the best way to explain Loic Bakery. As you wait for your french press to do its thang, you can take selfies in front of the newly iconic palm frond wall. And, with it being a little off the beaten path, it’s a great place to sit down and enjoy some sunshine or company.


Pumphouse Coffee Roaster’ pop-up in City Place was short lived, much to my dismay. But, lucky for me, Aioli is serving it up just a block away from the office. Whenever I need long-lasting energy, I grab my staple iced crack coffee with almond milk.

Rabbit Coffee

Who has the best coffee in West Palm Beach?
Photo by Mohammed F. Emran

Rabbit Coffee is just a little hop over in the Warehouse District. Here you’ll get some cool hipster vibes, and you can sip on your unique, small batch, single-origin cup of coffee. Or, on those hot and humid afternoons, opt for their well-known cold brew. Either way, you can’t go wrong. Unless you missed the flower pot wall photo-op just down the hall – then you’ve really messed up.

C Street Cafe

If you’re looking for an amazing cup of joe on the down-low, head on over to C Street Cafe. Located on Clematis, closer to the water, you’ll get all the caffeine you need in a classic shot of espresso or something sweeter, like the Honey Bear Latte. Plus, you don’t have to opt for the liquid diet. Their food menu has something for everyone at any time of day.

Johan’s Joe Swedish Coffee House & Cafe

Where can I get the best coffee in West Palm Beach?
Photo by Alexis Paige

Get a taste of West Palm Beach’s bougie side by taking a seat at Johan’s Joe. Just three streets down from Clematis, Johan’s Joe has a one-of-a-kind environment. And, you can sip easy knowing that your coffee is from Lofebergs Lila, a huge Nordic brand that’s known for their eco-friendly roasting.


If you’re familiar with South Florida coffee, you’re familiar with Panther. Anzo brings “the best coffee in Florida” from Miami to West Palm. But, you can spruce up your drink of choice with an array of syrups, should you want. So, don’t knock a lavender iced latte before you’ve tried it!

Subculture Coffee

Does Subculture have the best coffee in West Palm Beach?
Photo by Emily Creighton

Subculture Coffee is a South Florida staple. So, when you’re stuck choosing between Delray Beach and Jupiter, split the difference and head to downtown West Palm Beach. You’ll get the same great quality that you’re used to with an artsy location on Clematis Street and a convenient parking garage right next door.

Featured image by Emily Creighton