Gain the confidence to turn heads.

Adulting is hard. From figuring out finances to picking the perfect party outfit, there’s a certain balance that all college students are striving to achieve. At Two Seventy, we get that.

Two Seventy is an online magazine created by students to encourage college-aged individuals to excel in the classroom, the boardroom and in life. Our goal is to tackle all the questions – big and small – that affect the crazy lifestyle we live. Whether it be how to dominate at your internship or finding which fast food restaurants give the most bang for your buck, we’ve got you. We’ve done the research, talked to experts and delved in so that you don’t have to.

Explore our site for know how on making your college years amazing while prepping for what the future has to hold.

Why call it Two Seventy?

Co-created by three Florida Atlantic University students in Boca Raton, Florida, the name comes from the fact that an owl – the FAU mascot – can turn its head 270 degrees.

Who are our writers?

We love hearing stories and getting advice straight from the source – and our team has been through it all. They’re attending school or they chose another path, they’ve completed internships, they’ve bombed on the first date and so much more.

Written, photographed and edited by young individuals from all backgrounds, our content creators are given the unique opportunity to express themselves and teach others their ways all while gaining the experience of working at a multimedia outlet.


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