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College gets pretty crazy – and we don’t just mean the parties. Don’t let a heavy course load and extracurriculars leave you overwhelmed. Instead, conquer college by staying organized with an array of student-friendly planners. With our easy-to-follow “Semester Snap Shot” to our no pressure “Project Planner” printables, balancing life as a student can be made easier in a matter of minutes!


Assignment Tracker: Don’t miss a thing with our “Assignment Tracker” that helps you manage all of your upcoming due dates.

Semesterly Class Schedules: No matter the semester, keep all the important course info (course number, office hours, etc.) in one spot!

Weekly Whereabouts: Don’t get MWF classes confused with T/TR classes. Just glance at your printable and see what every hour of the week holds.

Project Planner: Don’t let a big project overwhelm you! Set your own deadlines and organize your thoughts in one place.

Available in three (3) sizes: A4, A5 or Letter

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